Color Me Henna

Color Me Henna

Color Me Henna

The "Neutral" and "Just Shine" shades enhance hair color without damaging your hair. They will instead condition and make hair healthier. Be naturally beautiful with henna. If you have grey hair; these products can give you a "golden" look.

The Strawberry Blond and Red colors will last 4–8 weeks depending on what you use on your hair and how often you wash it. Treating hair to a dilute vinegar rinse instead of soap or shampoo all the time will make the color last longer.

Henna is a natural hair dye that is safe and without chemicals. A good-quality henna dye will leave hair vibrant, soft, shiny and healthy. Do not use any henna mixed with ammonia or alcohol, which most commercially available boxes contain.

Henna is reflected through the hair while enhancing your hair's natural color. It is also a conditioner. The cuticle is tight and flatter. The hair is protected from atmospheric conditions such as sun and air pollution. Regular use of henna texturizes hair, giving it more body - this becomes more evident with each application. Henna can be used every 4–6 weeks. Color blends naturally and fades gradually, with never a noticeable regrowth area.

The herbal properties penetrate only the broken part of the hair shafts. The lemon juice helps the henna penetrate the gray hair. If you use old coffee as the liquid it will darken the results.

The actual color you get will depend on your starting color as with any hair color and the length of time you leave it in your hair.

Approximate blend amount needed:

Short length hair: 2–4 oz Medium length hair: 3–6 oz. Long length hair: 4–8 oz.

Tips and Warnings

Before dyeing your hair, you should do a strand test (see page 3). It may take a couple of days before the hair settles into it's hue. The color may be a bit bright at first. Henna will stain fabrics, clothes, floors, skin.

Shades available:

Blond Neutral: Shine, highlight and condition blond or light brown hair.

Auburn Neutral: Shine, highlight and condition brown and red hair, adds strawberry highlights to blond hair.

Dark Neutral: shine, highlight and conditions dark hair.

Just Shine: Give shine, body, health to hair. Conditions damaged hair—Adds a golden shine to gray and silver hair.

Strawberry Blond: Adds the red highlights not found in the Blond Neutral.

Red: This will give a bright red shade to all except the darkest hair color.

If you are looking for a wide range of shades including indigo; we recommend Tap Dancing Lizards. They can answers questions and have quality indigo, which I have not been able to find a source for.

Toxin-free Hair Care

Wonderful, handcrafted chemical free products. Our castile soaps are made the old-fashioned way. Our products will not strip color from color-treated hair.

Read this before starting our Castile Shampoos or other natural products:

Switching from commercial shampoo to natural castile requires an adjustment period and a change of habits to get the best results. Going toxin-free and all natural also requires a change in expectations.

Lather is a petroleum chemical creation. Nothing in nature lathers like shampoo or chemical detergents. In ages past, people used soapwort or yucca root. These foam some with little bubbles, but there is nothing in nature like chemical lather.

Castile soaps, soapwort or yucca root are not drying like the chemical lather. Which is why you will not need conditioner with our soaps. Castile soaps made with coconut oil and tallow foam better, but vegan customers do not want anything made with animal products.

It is common that your hair may initially feel heavy, greasy, oily or very dry when first using our Castile Shampoos, a few days or a week or more. Don't Panic! Your scalp is going through a detoxification process and/or, you are using conditioner when you should not be. Read the HAIR TIPS for encouragement, too.

All the information I would give you by phone or email is here!!!

Information on VINEGAR RINSE is here also!

Time is what your scalp and hair need to get cleared of the toxins that you have been using all your life. The vinegar rinse and brushing your hair daily also speed the toxin removal-yes, really. Both are vital to a healthy scalp. I continue to use vinegar full strength; I rarely use soap on my head anymore--after 12 years there are no more toxins.
Feel free to print this information out for yourself or to encourage others.

A note about our Unscented Shampoo:
Customers have asked about having essential oils in the Unscented shampoo. There is .02% of Lavender and .02% of Rosemary Essential Oils. This small amount helps to offset the smell of some of the other ingredients. The small amount also helps to preserve the soap&-otherwise after about 3 months it smells off-it is not spoiled, just smells odd. I have no plans to stop putting this amount of the oils in our Shampoo.
Thank you for understanding.

Wondering how that commercial shampoo is made?
Take a look at the Surfactant Chemistry page
It is a simple, easy to understand explanation. Are you aware of the chemicals used? How many of these chemicals can cause cancer? What are you using on your precious children? How long can they handle the chemical overload? What damage is those chemicals doing to our environment?

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