Calming For Overactive Pets-Essential Oil Spray

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Calming For Overactive Pets-Essential Oil Spray
Calming for Overactive Pets promotes a naturally calm pet, whether during storms, stressful times, over stimulation or diet related issues.

These Handcrafted sprays use pure heavenly therapeutic-grade essential oils to surround you perfectly. Each essential oil has it's own properties to help you embrace a natural way to balance and scent your life.

Surround yourself with an essential oil blend. Gently helps to bring your mind back into balance with your spirit. Use in the air around you or as a personal body spray. Each formulation has a combination of essential oils to help with many situations in your life. Not only are they soothing, but also produce a wonderfully scented atmosphere.

These formulas are great for using in the air, on our body and/or hair, lightly spray on pillows, linens and any fabrics.

Although they are all natural, we do not recommend that you spray them in or around your eyes. Commercial sprays have many chemicals in them. They do not use the power of essential oils.

Calming for Overactive Pets promotes a naturally calm pet, whether during storms, stressful times, over stimulation or diet related issues.

Baby Sleep Well is gentle help for those times when sleep doesn't come quickly. Can also be safely used in the middle of the night. This is a fantastic blend for babies, children and their tired parents. (see baby page)

Breathe More Easily provides help with allergies, in stuffy rooms and for exercise. Help for those with lung issues. We also recommend our Victory Over Immune Support Incense for greater help.

Calming promotes a more peaceful atmosphere. Warm, balancing.

Calming for Busy Children helps those living with "busy" children. My customers rave over how well this helps the children settle down when needed.

Classroom Control can be a great aid for teachers in large classrooms. Some children need this help. We have about many teachers utilizing this wonderful spray. Helps kill virus and bacteria in the air as a bonus.

Creativity blend stimulate creativity, desire, focus and motivation. Fosters a positive attitude, help to rise above adversity, over come procrastination and self-pity.

Driving Alertly provides help for those long trips or needed alertness inrush hour traffic.

Forgiveness helps in the process of forgiving others. Use when the hurt is fresh and not severe. Severe problems need the "Release Me" blend.

Joyful is a heady blend of essential oils designed to be uplifting, help release anger, and bring joy to the heart. Refreshing, uplifting and inspires romance and togetherness.

Lavender Love is purely Lavender essential oil. For lavender lovers. This is a long-time favorite. Our Lavender is an amazingly complex scent.

Lemongrass-Tangerine is a deeper citrus blend with clove and cinnamon that is not too sweet! This has been a consistent favorite with customers.

Let's Talk! helps promote peace and open communications. Helpful before meetings, maybe?

Mandarin Grapefruit has an uplifting citrus scent with the zing of Grapefruit.

Memory Enhancement helps promote memory retention. Help for those who need to focus and improve memory. Also recommend the "Memory" Herbal Tea This well-rounded approach will help you. Do not go off pharmaceutical drugs without consulting a naturopath or a holistic practitioner.

Mood Uplifting uses the essential oils that help uplift your mood and balance you in your surroundings. Help for those down times. Will not overcome depression by itself; but add the "Calm & Lift Herbal Tea and you will feel better.Do not go off pharmaceutical drugs without consulting a naturopath or a holistic practitioner.

Morning Alertness can help get you day started. A great "perk-me-up". Pair with the "Wake Up and Go" Tea to get out the door quickly. Do not forget to eat. It is very important to fuel our bodies for the day.

Motivation helps enhance the ability to move forward while stimulating feelings of action and accomplishment. To help overcome procrastination.

Neroli-Orange is an intriguing blend. Smells heavenly! relieves chronic anxiety, depression and stress. Good in cases of insomnia. Also joyous and uplifting.

Peaceful Feeling blend helps to calm those irrational fears that can overtake us. Fear of bridges, storms, strange environments are a part of many people's lives. Use this blend often when faced with a fear to help overcome it.

Refreshing creates an upbeat atmosphere. A minty, citrusy blend to refresh after a hard day.

Release Me is calming, grounding essential oils to help release buried emotional trauma, like accidents, death of a loved one, assault or abuse.

Restful Sleep is a blend of essential oils very helpful for those who have sleep issues. Gentle help for those times when sleep doesn't come quickly. Can also be used if you wake in the middle of the night. We recommend using the "Good Night" Herbal Tea for those with chronic problems.

Robbers is our version of Young Living's "Thieves" blend. However, our blend uses lavender. An indigenous plant to the area. Use to combat bacteria, virus and those bugs that make us sick.

Snorers is a great formula to quiet snoring. Customers are amazed at the wonderful way these essential oils work. Does not cure sleep apnea; but can help the breathing issues. (see snoring page)

Stress Reliever as the name says it calms and soothes.

Studying Alertly helps students to retain information.

Travel Ease is natural essential oil help for the hustle,bustle and stress of traveling. Use as a body spray or put on tissue in a zipper bag and inhale as needed. Will not disturb fellow passengers (although, it may help when the plane is delayed and everyone is getting upset).

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Ingredients water, vegetable glycerin, essential oils per indicated blend
Calming For Overactive Pets: lavender essential oil, tangerine essential oil, roman chamomile essential oil
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